Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flying Pigs and Eating Crows

Its pretty difficult for most people to admit that they were misinformed, misguided, or just plain wrong.... myself included! Consider this me eating crow about how I was completely wrong about feminism, and that the world is-right now- just as it should be. And yes... that was a pig flying by your apartment window ;)

WOW! How could I be so wrong about a gender balance that favors men? Women can be anything they want to be. With the right motivation and education can't we all?

  • Since 1964, male voters outnumbered female voters in every presidential election.
  • BJ Gallagher (author of "The World's Best Advice from the World's Wisest Man) says men make great bosses because they are 
    • better coachers 
    • better mentors
    • better problem solvers
  • Men hold 98 of 535 (18%) seats in the 113th Congress
    • 79 House Representative are male 
    • 20 Senators (plus 3 delegates) are men 
  • Of the 100 largest American Cities, 12 have male mayors.
  • Men have better aim throwing a baseball at all ages.
  • 2012 elections saw 5 male state governors elected.
  • multitasking test had 50 men and 50 women do four tasks in 8 minutes: results show men better able to reflect on problems while also doing others tasks 
    • men are better at multitasking
  • James Flynn is a researcher that found the IQs of men in the US, Europe, Canada are higher than women's
    • men are smarter
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics says that since the Recession hit in 2007, 80% of the workers who lost their jobs were women.
    • men are recession proof
  • Harvard Business Review recently published a study on male to female leadership ability. The study says that leadership is quantified by 16 central personality traits
    •  men are judged to be better than women on 12 of the traits (10 showed a statistical significance). 
      • men better leaders
  • Men are judged in employee evaluations to be more positively perceived at:
    • Executive Management (Men 57, Women 52) 
    • Senior Managers (Men 56, Women 50) 
    • Middle Managers (55 Men, 51 Women).
  • US Census Burea says 17 million men and 12 million women live in poverty in the United States, which is the highest level since 1993.
  • Rothstein Kass finance shows that male hedge fund managers outperform female competition.
  • 48% of all men experience psychological aggression in their lifetime
  • 37% of families led by single fathers nationwide live in poverty.
    • only 6.8% of married parent families do (2009 Heritage Foundation Study)

Clearly, men make better leaders, are smarter, and are generally more valuable and have more to offer than women in the workplace. Most of you shouldn't be surprised... Americans just "know" these facts to be true: males as a group are supreme to the weaker, more fragile feminine sex.

April Foolsssss :)

All the above "truths?" Just replace every man/male/masculine word from the above quotes with woman/female/feminine to switch the statement. Every single fact originally was written to be the exact opposite...for example "37% of families led by single mothers nationwide live in poverty" is the true information.

They are exactly opposite of what the data from many studies are finding when comparing the average man to the average woman.

As in- studies are showing that women in general have more leadership skills, higher IQs, vote more,  are rated higher in employee evaluations, and are more educated as a group than male peers.

Surprised yet?

How can a congress of 82% rich white men know anything about making laws that govern the contraceptive and maternity rights of 51% of the population? It can't.

Although feminism is geared to helping girls and women reach the equality that males are privileged with from birth, feminism at its core promotes equality of all people regardless of gender, sex, race, or class. The movement is about not about being better than men, its about women being valued by the world as more than a "slam-piece;" more valuable than the sum of her curves. Women are human, too.

I hate to have tricked you reader, but with all the "Men's Rights Movement" propaganda floating around, I wanted to make sure you realize that we all still need feminism. I am so about helping men-central issues like the high suicide rate of teen boys, the male problem of homelessness, and the constant societal pressure to be an alpha male. Such a shame that legitimate concerns like the above (and many more) are being ignored to solely bring down the feminist movement.

Make tomorrow better,